Sunday, April 8, 2012

Golden Nugget trip April 7

We were torn about going to AC the night before Easter. We could not make a comfortable prediction as to how crowded it would be.  We went anyway and found it was not really crowded, but there was a good amount of players.

Golden Nugget has been introducing new penny slots over the last several weeks.  Some of them are very stingy, some of them at least give you something to play with.  Last night I played a newly installed penny slot called Breakfast at Tiffay's.  The theme is from the 1961 Blake Edwards movie of the same name starring George Peppard and Audrey Hepburn.  It is a 45 cent for one game , 90 cent for two games with multiple coin options.  It was entertaining , a bit complex initially with its various bonus options. Once you get to know how all the bonus options work, it is a nice, entertaining , machine.  I was quite lucky on it.   The down side is they are installing a good portion of the new machines in the smoking section.  Management knows that smokers have compulsive addictive behaviors and that suits them fine for breaking in new machines.  Although the management has improved the ventilation, I find it disgusting.  When there are not enough ash trays around, they will flick their ashes on the chairs, the machines or the floors. Some of the smokers I sit next to seem almost to have a chip on their shoulders and make extra efforts to blow the smoke in your face.  I am a non smoker.  If the new Revel sticks to its intention to be a smoke free casino, I will be there instead of Golden Nugget (GN).
  At the GN we had a late night sandwich at the newly opened Bean and Bread (or something like that).  I had a roast beef sandwich that was press-grilled.  It was delicious, ample and reasonably priced, although we paid with food comps.  The seating area was bright and clean and comfortable.  The only other places we have eaten at GN are the Chairmans Club, The Buffet,Vic and Anthonyl's and Michael Patrick's.   The food quality and variety at both the buffet and the Chairmans Club have improved markedly.  I am not a food critic, but I know improvement when I see (taste) it.  Can't say enough about Vic and Anthony's, they are simply fantastic both here in AC and in Vegas.  Michael Patrick's is good , but the service is slow since the kitchen there also cooks the room service food orders.

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