Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why read my blog

I was born and raised in New Jersey and have been going to Atlantic City since the Casinos opened back in the seventies. Now that I am retired, I spend a lot of time there and I would like to share what I observe and experience at the various Casinos. I only play slots so I won't or can't speak to table games. I will publish my thoughts on which ones give the best comps, which ones have the best slot payouts and where does the NON-HIGH ROLLER get a good deal.  I would like to start by giving my opinion on why Atlantic City is struggling today.  In my opinion, the reason that Atlantic City has not been as successful as was originally hoped is because of the people who were responsible for setting and enforcing the rules and regulations.  Not to be long winded, but here's what they did wrong.  They insisted that the new property operators build these huge enormous buildings with thousands of rooms. Only then were they allowed to build a proportionate amount of casino floor space.  So why was that wrong?   Well they built these huge complexes (Taj Mahal, Tropicana, Showboat) that had everything you could possibly want, restaurants, nightclubs, bowling alleys, theaters, shops, pools etc etc.  That meant that you could stay at one of these properties and NEVER EVER have to leave them.  That completely cut out the merchants in the City from doing any business with the new influx of visitors. And as a side issue, they blocked the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean.  So instead of driving business and revenue opportunities into Atlantic City (AC)  proper, they took business away.  Visitors to AC just skip over the City proper and go to their all inclusive hotel properties.  The City suffered and relies to this day on taxes from the gaming revenues to exist.  This was a huge mistake from day one, because they had the WRONG people making and enforcing the rules and regulations.

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